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Chinòn Maria was born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont. She first began cultivating her creative path by secretly drawing and painting on the walls of her home. Her Colombian roots have greatly impacted her use of a vibrant colorful palette while her life long influences of textile design, the golden age of animation, urban street art and the fashion industry are present throughout her work. An advocate of child education, gender equality, and immigration rights, Chinon Maria's artistic narrative typically surrounds these topics and believes it is crucial to have communities involved in her work to actively inspire others through creativity.



Michele Voigt

Michele states “I am driven by the human condition. I find myself compelled by the stratums of circumstance, choice, emotion and fate, combined with the energy and influence of the past as all conjoined lay prism to the future. The interconnectedness of all elements of all time. 

What is seen and not seen. Known and not known. Contemporaneous, interacting and incessantly influencing one another in a continuum of the past, present, and future. The entirety exists concurrently.

I paint for history; to render the human relationship with eternity, to demonstrate that the human reality as we experience it is bound to the continuum of time.  

My works are the complex language of layering multiple levels of imagery representational of our complicated existence. Through my process, I expose beauty that outlives barbarity and splendor that transcends from tragedy. I am a storyteller.