Meet Art Lover Cafe’s May Resident Artist — Michele Utley Voigt

Our little cafe is home to many pieces of artwork, from our latte art to the beautiful tea sets, and we’re honored that this month it is also home to our resident artist’s work. Michele Utley Voigt’s #NOW installation adorns our walls with lively interpretations of the human condition.

“Through my process, I expose beauty that outlives barbarity and splendor that transcends from tragedy,” explains Utley Voigt.

Utley Voigt’s “American Woman” tells a coming of age story that celebrates Indigenous females, while “She Defies Gravity” creates a visual representation of a woman breaking past the structures that once bound her.

Below Michele Utley Voigt shares more fun facts of how she came to create these pieces and the history behind her own career.

She taught art to adults with disabilities

Utley Voigt added a layer of purpose to her work by spending time in Los Angeles teaching art to adults with disabilities as a way to help them feel empowered.

"I  helped  them  sell  their  work,” shares Utley Voigt. “Immediately  I  appreciated  how  earning  pay changes lives. The  economic  independence  it  provides  empowers  self-determination.  I  moved  on  to  create  employment  for  all  restricted populations;  mentally  ill,  welfare  recipients,  ex-felons,  immigrants,  refugees,  the  homeless,  un/underemployed;  eventually  everyone!  Work  changed  their  lives  and  that  impacted  the  world.”

Her artwork has found home all over the states

While Utley Voigt splits her time between the east and west coast, her artwork has made its home in all parts of the US. Her studio is based out of Greenwich, CT, while galleries and museums across New York and Miami hold her work.

She challenges all patrons to remain present

With her Art Lover’s installation, Utley Voigt paints pictures that ask us to stay present and explore our human condition as it exits.

“I  paint  to  render  the  human  relationship  with  eternity,  to  demonstrate  that  the  human  reality  as  we  experience  it  is  bound  to  the  continuum  of  time,” explains Utley Voigt.

You can view Utley Voigt’s installation through June TK. Make sure to tag @artloverscafe in all IG posts!